WEI Ying-chuan - Directors


She started theater creation in 1985. In addition to theater works, She also published poems, created movie scripts and filmed. Her creations are mostly devoted to the discussion of gender, homosexuality, society, culture and other issues and the development of theater aesthetics. Poetry works are scattered in various newspapers and magazines.


Every Objector system ought to have a user guide that comes with it—without exception. Listed in it are the instructions and guides on how to use the functions associated. Though there`s no user guide whatsoever for a user guide. So it is conveniently concluded that: User guides are closest to the essence of all things in the world.

Two mushrooms, Two maids, A vampire,
A werewolf, and a big octopus.
You are my fan, I am your type,
We are all in love, falling in love with ourselves.
Has our love been upgraded yet?

Love is a carbohydrate.


3 Cities 3Directors 3Plays of 33 minutes.
Ecstasy 3 realms.
A Reinterpretation of Dante's divine comedy with form, test and music

Emily is so rich,
As a result,
the Emily in each of us is unique and unique.

The piece gathers actors in their 20s, 30s, and 40s to have different perspectives and thoughts to encourage conversations between generations, academics, popular cultures, and experimental theatres.

This play is the revival of the 1995 version. Although the performers and the performing place are different, it maintained the original story with slightly changes. With playful tone, Wei simulates various kinds of relationship through four groups of people with different sexual orientation and love modes. She tries to discuss the wane and wax of authority, desire, competition and nihilism when dreams turned into dust in love.

Wei, Ying-chuan from Taipei and Satoh Kashow from Osaka had brainstorming together, tried to elaborate these five crucial features stated by Calvino and reexamine the essences of theatre aesthetics. They attentively focus on the dialectics between two categories- visual performances (physical movement and text language) and audio performance (music composition structure) - and hope to find out “the indispensable value, quality and characters” that belong to the theatre.

SWSG x Zuni Icosahedron
A new series of social theatre



Unable to maintain balance. Two persons. Always fall over after embracing. Unable to walk along. Two persons. Always run towards each other, cross and miss each other, diverge, get lost, and lose their balance. It is two persons' world. It is also the whole woeld. The world loses its balance, everything totters.

"2000"Means 2000 AD,simulate the life style or mental state of the new century, predict and imagine the new century.

After the chaos and catastrophe of various prophecies of the so-called "end of the century", the situation in the new century is the disintegration of civilization or the peace of the millennium, and the encounters of mankind are tyrannical death or peaceful peace. What is interesting is the unpredictable future situation.


In a conference, three characters and one servant are waiting for the arrival of a mysterious person. During their long waiting, a series of tragic news arrive one after another. Under the threat of possibly being killed, they start to recollect events that happened 3 years ago, going through details in order to find out the killer.

The script originates from End-of-the-World predictions in the Book of Revelation of the New Testament. The director tries to remove theatrical body gestures and dialogues from the on-stage movement to develop a simple and restrained body movement style between theatre and dance.

The scripts derives from A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf. The four stylistic actors experience “recollection,” “imagination,” “melancholy,” “mischief,” “death,” “reborn,” etc., in different rooms (actually the same one).

The piece describes a love story among three women, whose ambiguous relationships develop like game playing. Love, adoration, and loyalty among them turn into jealousy, suspicion, betrayal, and misery. Their exaggerate play of gender roles mocks and subverts the underlying ideology towards gender.

SWSG founded by WEI Ying-chuan