A Room of One’s Own


The scripts derives from A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf; the story originally starts from a discussion on female creation and personal space and later extends to a space of imaginary rooms that are constructed with innocent and poetic lines and playful body language. The four stylistic actors experience “recollection,” “imagination,” “melancholy,” “mischief,” “death,” “reborn,” etc., in different rooms (actually the same one). While their imaginative minds run free, the actors are in fact confined in constrained room without an exit. The director playfully employs properties such as toothbrush, toilet brush, carpet and umbrella to signify and construct stories of the characters and reveal their minds. The piece draws a ruthless comparison between narrow spaces and free mind, conveying a subtle examination in human’s hypocritical nature and limitation.

1997 Tiem Educational Center Theatre

Director/Sound Design: WEI Ying-chuan
Cast: JUAN Uen-ping, CHOU Jung-shih, Fa, WANG Chia-ming, AN Yuan-liang
Producer/Stage Manager: WANG Chia-ming
Costume Design: CHIANG Wen-tzu
Styling and Make-up: HUANG Yu-ming
Sound Design: WEI Ying-chuan , CHEN Chien-chi, TSAO Yuan-feng
Art Design: CHEN Chen-chun
Light Design: Fa