director director

WANG Chia-ming

WANG Chia-ming, founder and director of Shakespeare's Wild Sisters Group.

Baboo LIAO

Baboo graduated from the graduate school of Theatrical Arts, TNUA, with a master's degree in directing. He was artist in residency at National Theater & Concert Hall, Taipei in 2017. He was awarded the Asian Cultural Council Fellowship Award and participated in a residency program in New York City in 2018. He was artist in residence at Cité internationale des arts in Paris in 2019.

HSU Yen-ling

Theater actor / choreographer / lecturer. Associate Professor of Technology in the Department of Chinese Culture and Drama, Master of Performing Arts at the National Taipei Institute of Arts and Theatre Arts.

WEI Ying-chuan

Wei Ying-chuan received her M.A. degree from the Educational Theatre Department of New York University and is the founder and director-in-resident for Shakespeare’s Wild Sisters Group and Creative Society.