One Table and Two Chairs

The Performing Arts Center, TNUA

In 2012 SWSG created a collaborative project as first in a new string of group works "A Table, 2 Chairs " directed by Wei Ying-chuan,Wang Chia-ming, Baboo, and Hsu Yen-ling. Tackling the same sorts of questions and topics,and each contributing their own skills and styles, they began to think of ideas for the piece. Thelimitation would bet hat on the stage there would only be a table and two chairs with two actors.The four directors each presented excerpts of their versions of the piece to explore the possibilities of this seemingly limited set.

The Performing Arts Center, TNUA
2014 NCCU Art & Culture Center Audiovisual room(LOL)

WEI Ying-chuan"20’33” It's okay,Happy Birthday John Cage"
Director/Playwright:WEI Ying-chuan
Cast:HUANG Tsai-yi, LAI Wen-shun

Director/Playwright:WANG Chia-ming
Cast:AN Yuan-liang, HUEN Sze-man

Director/Playwright:HSU Yen-ling
Sound Design:WANG Yu-jun
Cast:WEI Chun-chan,LIN Yu-ju

"Running crew"
Director:Baboo LIAO
Sound Design:Blaire KO
Cast:DAI Li-wu, CHUANG Pu-chao

Producer:Yukio NITTA
Table and Two Chairs Design:CHEN Li-ding
Costume design:CHAO Hung-hui
Light Design:TENG Cheng-wei
Stage Manager:TENG Hsiang-ting