Umay Theater, Huashan 1914 Creative Park

In the wave of globalization of technology, the director reflects on the human existence in the dislocation of virtual and reality, and how digital culture rewrites our thinking and identity. The whole show uses Cosplay anime style to show the dilemma of love. Through the dressing, mocking, and extension of genre characters, it rethinks the dilemma of the unity of human subjectivity and the self and the individual with a comedic approach.

Umay Theater, Huashan 1914 Creative Park
2013 Shantou University Auditorium

Director/Playwright:WEI Ying-chuan
Cast:Fa, LAI Wen-shun, HU Yo-ming, CHOU Yen-yen
Producer:Yukio NITTA
Stage Manager:TENG Hsiang-ting
Set&Costume Design:CHAO Hung-hui
Light Design:TENG Cheng-wei
Sound Design:JIANG Tao
Video Design:CHEN Hung-i