Scenes of Love Etude

Crown Arts Center

This is a brutal comedy, performed in 1995 and received many positive feedbacks. In the year of 2002, the performance was reenacted in response to the series activities “When We Talk About Love.” Two actors, two actresses, and four scenes︱a woman fails to pursue a homosexual man; the affection of two lesbians; the cross of a straight couple; the joyful union of two gay men. The performance simulates different types of relationships through popular and play interpretation to show the power struggles, emotional conflicts and ideal fantasies beneath the surface.

Crown Arts Center
2006 Black Box Theater
2006 Spring Wind Art Theatre, Kaohsiung
2006 Eslite Book Store, Tainan
2006 Experimental Theater, Stock 20 in Taichung Railway Station

Director:WEI Ying-chuan
Cast:Fa(2002,2006), AN Yuan-liang(2002), HSU Yen-ling(2002), JUAN Uen-ping(2002), HSU Hua-chien(2006), MEI Rue-yin(2006)
Light Design:CHENG Hui-yuan(2002), WANG Tien-hung(2006)
Costume Design:JUAN Uen-ping
Music Design/Live Music:CHEN Chien-chi(2002), YIN Wei-ming(2006)