Tiny Alice Theatre,Tokyo

The piece extends the aesthetic experiments in 666 Limbo and explores new ideas in experimental theatre aesthetics by returning to the absolute and instinctive quality of body language to enrich musical and dance elements in theatre. After the chaos and disaster in the fin-de-siecle prediction, what will the new millennium be like? Will there be brutally death under the collapse of civilization or the arrival of peace and happiness? Will this be predictable or beyond our grasp? The piece is a simulation of human future in a new era, the possible shifting of life and minds, presenting the premonition and imagination toward the future.

Tiny Alice Theatre,Tokyo
1998 China Youth Theatre, Beijing
1998 Crown Arts Center

Director:WEI Ying-chuan
Producer:YANG Wan-yi
Cast:JUAN Uen-ping, CHOU Jung-shih, FA
Sound Design:CHEN Chien-chi
Costume design:LEE Ta-chi
Light Design:FA
Stage Manager:WANG Chia-ming,YU Ming-chu