Le Testament de Montmartre

National Experimental Theatre

The play is based on Le Testament de Montmartre, the posthumous novel of Miao-Chin Chiu. Six actresses, in the manner of classical Greek theatre chorus, narrate the novel by rearranging and restructuring the text. Through the performers’ body relations and tensions, the piece present in a restrained yet powerful way the despair of love, the struggle and suffering, the fighting against the temptation of death, and the hopelessness before death. The first-person perspective is divided into six difference voices in six difference bodies. The imagines dialogues between the narrator and other people in the book become a process of dialectic among oneself. The book appears in the performance as objects. But it may signify books or other things such as memory, sensation and various other symbols. The grand passions and fatal pains in the original novel are expressed in a light, easy, and simple style of directorial approach.

National Experimental Theatre

Director:WEI Ying-chuan
Producer/Stage Manager:WANG Chia-ming
Cast:JUAN uen-ping, HSU Yen-ling, CHIANG Wei-hua, HSU Kuei-ying, MA Chao-chi, CHOU Jung-shih
Stage Design:HUANG Mei-ching
Light Design:CHENG Yuan-hui
Costume Design:CHEN Hsin-yi
Music Composition:CHEN Chien-chi