Dōgu どうぐ

Guling Street Avant-garde Theatre

WEI Ying-chuan "Seat",It is a composite media device.

WANG Chia-ming "Junior",try to cooperate with two elementary school student actors. From the game of "children" actors acting like house wine, think about what is "mature"?

Baboo LIAO"Double Blind" attempts to bring to light our assumptions about the use and meaning of the objects around us by placing them in unusual, jarring environments and questions what it means for a thing to be "useless. "

HSU Yen-ling"Orifice"investigates the ability of household objects to speak, express themselves, and carry meaning.

Guling Street Avant-garde Theatre

Director:WEI Ying-chuan ,WANG Chia-ming,HSU Yen-ling,Baboo LIAO
Producer:Yukio NITTA
Stage Manager:TENG Hsiang-ting
Light Design:WANG Cheng-yuan
"Junior":SHIH Ming-shuai, MEI Jo-ying, WU Min-tzu, LAI Yu-jie, CHEN Pei-ying, PIN Yi-shin
"Orifice":TSAI Yi-ling,TSENG Hsin-yen
"Double Blind":LIU Yen-cheng,HUANG Huai-de