30P︱Eslite Anti-Reader

Eslite Vision

This is the first cooperation piece of directors WEI Ying-chuan and Wang Jia-Ming. The “30P” title of the performance comes from the popular indicative term – “threesome.” Through the bookstore-like setting, the performance rethinks the value of reading, knowledge, academic education, consumption, interpersonal relationship, loneliness, and sensual pleasure to represent the diversity of metropolitan life. In accordance to the above topic, the creators contemplate the idea of categorization︱What is the logic in categorizing literature by countries? A Chinese who writes in French, which category is he? Will it be more interesting to divide spaces in a bookstore by size, thickness, and color? Or, will it be more imaginative to categorize by the times the word “moon” appears in between lines?

Eslite Vision

Director:WEI Ying-chuan, WANG Chia-ming
Producer:YANG Wan-yi
Cast:Fa, Baboo, HSU Hua-chien, LIU Chun Chun A Chung, YANG Wan-yi, WEI Chin-ju, CHANG Chih-kai, YEH Su-ling, and more…
Stage Design:KUO Wen-tai
Light Design:CHENG Yuan-hui
Costume Design:LAI Hsuan-wu
Music Director:CHEN Chien-chi