Three Color—haired Women Dance upon the Broom

B-Side Pub

The piece describes a love story among three women, whose ambiguous relationships develop like game playing. Love, adoration, and loyalty among them turn into jealousy, suspicion, betrayal, and misery. This delicate relationship concludes with their silent confession-like monologues. The three actresses dress up in their splendid and florescent colors witch costumes, move with ballerina-like gaits and fashion model’s gestures, and roll their eyes like dolls. Their exaggerate play of gender roles mocks and subverts the underlying ideology towards gender. No verbal dialogues are spoken. On an empty stage, the actresses perform only through their voice, facial expressions, and body gestures.

B-Side Pub
1996 Fringe Studio,Fringe Club

Director: WEI Ying-chuan
Cast: JUAN Uen-ping, HUANG Pei-yi, LIU Yi-ning
Producer/Stage Manager: MA Chao-chi
Light Design: Fa Tsai
Executive producer(HK): LEE Lin
Executive producer(TW):CHEN Si-rong
Sound Design:CHEN Hung-i
Costume design:HUANG Yu-ming