Tiny Alice Theatre, Tokyo

The script originates from End-of-the-World predictions in the Book of Revelation of the New Testament. The director tries to remove theatrical body gestures and dialogues from the on-stage movement to develop a simple and restrained body movement style between theatre and dance. The piece is set in a cold and queer black-and-white tone to convey the fin-de-siecle barren decadence and a mental state caught between collapse and fanaticism. Performers are all bareheaded, wearing black silk tutus, sexy black stocking, and SM-like leather and metal ac accessories, a style mixed with classical and Sci-Fi. The music style in the play ranges from classical chants and sacred music to Rock’n’Roll. Chaotically interweaving sacred and profane, divine and evil, the play presents the confrontation between the individual and the collective, like a death ritual with no redemption, in a black, cruel, and sick aesthetic.

Tiny Alice Theatre, Tokyo
1997 Crown Arts Center

Director/Sound Design:WEI Ying-chuan
Producer:YANG Wan-yi
Cast:JUAN Uen-ping, CHOU Jung-shih, LI Lin, Fa, WANG Chia-ming, AN Yuan-liang
Make-up Design:HUANG Yu-ming
Sound Design:CHEN Chien-chi
Light Design:Fa