Emily Dickinson

Crown Arts Center

By turning open her poetry and dairy, with a hundred years of solitude between us, we thus begin our private conversation with the poetess. Her lucid lines of intelligence contrast her diary entries of profound feelings. Love and intimacy, nature and faith, life and death, sorrow and bliss, humanity and being fill up her every broken sentence, punctuation, capitalization, vocabulary and line. Reading through her lines and lost in tranquility, we soon forget the purpose of this game of mix and match. In her, we have found ourselves, and divine consolation.

Embracing the intensity generated from her words and lines, daughters of the theatre contemplate how the poetess, alone in the universe she created, faces worries, trivialities, conflicts, life, passion, and creativity with sincerity. The ideas used in Dickinson’s will be taken as the basis for creating our theatrical version. Emily would not speak to theater, but theater yearns to meet her. By portraying Emily Dickinson in the unique way of her own, we are indeed searching for an inspiration, a new poetics for the theater.

Crown Arts Center
2004 McAulay Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre
2004 Small Auditorium, Macao Culture Centre

Producer:WEI Ying-chuan , YANG Wan-yi
Director:WEI Ying-chuan
Cast:Juan UEN-ping, CHOU Jung-shih, YANG Wan-yi, HSU Yen-ling
Music Design:CHEN Chien-chi
Stage Design:JEN Yung-hsin
Light Design:CHENG Yuan-hui
Costume Design:CHIANG Wen-tzu, HU Ya-chuan, CHANG Yi-ping, HSU Jen-yu