YU Yen-fang - Directors


Yu Yen-Fang is an independent performer, creator and educator, whose practice has centered on contemporary social issues in Taiwan for years. Using her body as a medium for internalizing and projecting stories from this land and the life experiences therein, she transforms deeply felt emotions into abstract, poetic dance vocabularies. In 2013, she launched “Project MuoMuo,” a long-term project that trains young performers to work with interdisciplinary teams. Since 2017, she has set up “Workshop MuoMuo” to promote dance improvisation. Now an independent artist, she freely moves between her roles in creating dance, drama and live exhibition, and remains active in Taiwan and the international performing arts scene. Dark Eyes Performance Lab Dark Eyes Performance Lab was founded by Hung Hung, a poet, director, curator and art critic. Since its establishment, the theater company has been actively introducing original works as well as adapting world classics with innovative themes and forms. Most of their original works touch upon and provoke thinking about contemporary issues and social taboos, and shatter the barrier of theater viewing by bridging artistic experimentation and mass culture. Over the years, Dark Eyes Performance Lab has endeavored in expanding the boundaries of interdisciplinary and performance works while nurturing creative talents to collectively promote the core value of interdisciplinary art practice.