Café Lumière

Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre

In 2016, the Shakespeare's Wild Sisters Group embarked on a three-year international co-production project of Notes Exchange with the Dainanagekijo from Japan, and Café Lumiere is the production of the third and final year of this project.

 At the request of Shochiku Company Limited, Japan, the film "Café Lumiere"was created by Taiwanese director Hou Hsiao-hsien as an homage to the deceased Japanese director Yasujirō Ozu. The film features the "everyday life" style of YasujirōOzu, which is the perfect match with the long take style Hou Hsiao-hsien excels at.

Director Wang Chia-ming obtained permission from Director Hou, and with reference to the text Hou co-created with Chu Tien-wen, he began his own adaptation. Meanwhile, based on his co-production experience with Japan over the past few years, exchanges with local artists whilst working in Japan and the field investigations he conducted, the theatre version of Café Lumiere was co-produced with the Dainana(7th) Arts Theater director Kohhei Narumi, integrating both the cultures of Taiwan and Japan. The production involves not the direct quotes of the script, plot nor images in the film, but rather transforms the elements, relationship setting and the texture in the new production. The story surrounds the most common theme in films by YasujirōOzu, namely the exploration of familial relationships, especially that of the mother and daughter, parents and children, or inter-generations. Wang Chia-ming quotes Chu Tien-wen in stating that "writing about life is as easy as it is difficult, involving not only techniques but one's breadth of mind and disposition.

" Café Lumiere"is the second time Wang Chia-ming explores the technique of prosaic writing on stage since Dear Life , symbolizing at the same time the transition of Uncle Theatre entering his middle age, bringing back to the stage the meticulous approach of long takes, and the life of potato stew and lilac.

Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre
2018 Cloud Gate Theater (New Taipei City, Taiwan)
2019 Mie Center for the Arts (Mie, Japan)
2019 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art (Kanazawa, Japan)

Production: Shakespeare’s Wild Sisters Group (TW), Dainanagekijo (JP), CLOUD GATE Foundation (TW), Mie Center for the Arts (JP), 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa (JP)
Original Script: HOU Hsiao-hsien, CHU Tien-wen “Café Lumière”
Adaptation: WANG Chia-ming
Director: WANG Chia-ming, Kouhei NARUMI
Fa (SWSG), HUEN Sze-man Suzanne (SWSG) *Japan session, CHU An-li (GuoGuang Opera Company) *Taipei session
Yukako SAJIKI (Dainanagekijo), Hiroshi KOSUGE (Dainanagekijo), Mariko SUZUKI (Shizuoka Performing Arts Center), Hiroaki NISHIMOTO (Engeiressha”touzaihonsen”)

Producer: Yukio NITTA
Costume Design: CHIN Pin-pin
Set Design: Kouhei NARUMI
Light Design: Yuho SHIMADA (Lighting Staff Ten-Holes)
Sound Design: Mareki HIRAOKA (Genba-site), Iggy HUNG
Stage Manager: TENG Hsiang-ting
Executive Producer/ Interpreter: LU Lin
Translator: Yukio NITTA, Jia-Xiang LIN
Photography: Manbo Key, Yutaka MATSUBARA
Sound Engineer: TSAI Yi-chun
Master Electrician: CHOU Chia-yi
Technician: WU Hsiu-ho, YEH Hsiu-ying, KUO Hui-yu, CHEN Yu-chu, LIN Che-yu, CHANG Ning-hsiang




The highlight of this production would be how Wang Chia-ming and Kohhei Narumi were able to maintain the stage empty and clean up until the end and enrich the character, environment, and background only with the inner voice and the multiple voiceovers off the white stage like a ventriloquist.