Reconsideration of Hakka

Taipei City Hakka Cultural Park Theater

"Reconsideration of Hakka"uses the background of the Hakka TV series to bring out the factors such as the dialectic of women in the Hakka group, the conflict between image production and natural behavior, the phonological characteristics of the Hakka language, and various relationships with the land and family kinship. , Using these themes and forms to shake the performance theory and realism that actors care about most.

Taipei City Hakka Cultural Park Theater

Director/ Playwright: HSU Yen-ling
Production Coordinator: Yukio NITTA
Producer: SUN Jui-chun, LU Lin
Stage Design: LI Po-lin
Costume Design: CHEN Tzu-chun
Sound Design: WANG Yu-jun
Video Design: WANG Cheng-yuan
Light Design: LIU Po-hsin
Choreography Design: YU Yen-fang
Graphic Design: LIU Yueh-te
Stage Manager: TENG Hsiang-ting
Cast: LI Shao-chieh, LI Chen-hsiang, LIN Chia-chi, CHIU Chien-hua, HSU Hao-hsiang, HSIEH Chiung-hsuan
Background Actor: CHU Sheng-ping, CHIU Li-shu, HUANG Jou, HUANG Chien-lang, HUANG Kai-chun, HUANG Yu-hsiang, LIU Huang-lin