Titus Andronicus

National Experimental Theatre

Titus Andronicus is the first tragedy by Shakespeare, or, as some have argued, is categorized as one of his Roman tragedies. Its plot is filled with dreadful sights of limb-chopping, human-burning sacrifices, rape, tongue-cutting, and man-eating, that are so violent as to make it less Shakespearean, as others have argued. However, it might also be true that in Titus Andronicus, an embryo of his four major tragedies in particular, young Shakespeare reveals his fearless, or naïve, raw energies against the society. As a contemporary exploration of such idealization in spirit with its roughness, Director Wang invites the puppeteer Shih Pei-Yu, and Ying Wei-Ming, the leading vocal of the Clips’ Electric Band to join his realization of Titus Andronicus on the stage.

National Experimental Theatre

Director:WANG Chia-ming
Cast:AN Yuan-liang, CHANG Chiao-ming, LAI Yen-hsi, MO Tzu-yi, WEN Chi-hsing, HSU Hua-chien, LAN Wen-hsi, HUANG Yuan-ting, CHOU Li-te, WANG Wei-lien, LIANG Shih-ming, WANG Hsiao-yin, PON Hou-chin
Music Composition/Live Music:YIN Wei-ming
Puppet Design/Puppeteer:SHIH Pei-yu
Stage Design:CHIU Shin-hao
Light Design:LI Po-hsin
Costume Design:LAI Hsuan-wu