Absente:rendez-vous avec Sophie Calle

Theatre La Condition des Soies

As a tribute to Sylvia Plath the American poetess, SWSG’s Hsu Yen-lingX Sylvia Plath was staged in Avignon’s Off Festival back in 2009, gaining critical recognition from the media and Bernard Faivre d”Arcier, former chair of Festival d’Avignon, as well. He spoke of the production as “irreplaceable.” A French 2nd TV reporter described Hsu's performance as "an outburst of poetry," while critic Diane Vandermolina suggested that Hsu's acting was in truth a dangerous yet truthful presentation of her innermost strength that'd burn down the self unreservedly. The production, in actuality, has been invited to tour France many times since its French premiere.

SWSG’s latest production Absente: rendez-vous avec Sophie Calle has once again been scheduled to premiere in Avignon’s Off Festival come the summer. This piece is inspired by Sophie Calle’s “Take Care of Yourself,” which deals profoundly with the pain that comes with the end of an affair. The director expertly transforms the exquisite pain into a collective treatment, having the narrative shuttle between the reality and the non-reality. The relationship of the seer and the seen is thus blurred. The play is in essence a monologue, an autobiographical novel, too, that depicts, reveals, re-presents, and reshapes the experiences that pertain exclusively to loving and being loved.

Theatre La Condition des Soies
2013 The Performing Arts Center, TNUA

Script: CHOU Man-nung
Performers: HSU Yen-ling , Shai Tamir
Director: Baboo LIAO
Producer: Yukio Nitta
Set Design: WU Chi-tsung
Light Design: WANG Cheng-yuan
Costume Design: CHAO Hung-hui
Music Design: CHEN Chieh-chi
Video Design: SUN Ruey-horng
Stage Manager: WU Wei-wei
Graphic Design: NIEH Yung-chen