Caged Time

The National Theater parking lot

Inspired by Japanese conceptual artist On Kawara, NTCH Artist-in-Residence Baboo teams up with visual artist CHOU Yu-cheng for this third installment of the director's Visual Art and Theater series. Set in a transitional time and space, the production re-investigates the geography in our daily lives. By incorporating important current events, personal experience, and collective memory, Caged Time presents a juxtaposition of reality and recreations, scenery and spectacles, changing sites and fluidity of relationships, to construct this landscape narrative of a parking garage.

Produced during the Artists residency at the National Theater & Concert Hall 

The National Theater parking lot

Director: Baboo LIAO
Musician: WANG Yao-hsien, CHIU Ling-chan, WU Chih-hui, KUO Chun-te, Nicole HSU, YANG Cheng-wei, OU Yu-chi
Producer: SHANG An-hsuan
Executive Producer: WU Ke-yun
Space Design: CHOU Yu-cheng
Costume Design: LIN Ping-hao
Sound Design: Blaire KO
Light Design: TENG Cheng-wei
Movement Design: Sunny YANG
Wind Band Director: WU Chih-hui
Props Design/ Executive: TUNG Yu-ting
Stage Manager: Dino CHANG
Cast: TIEN Hsiao-tzu, OLU Ming-yao ,SHEN Le ,LIN Yu-ju ,TSENG Hsin-yen, HO Hsiang-yi ,CHANG Chieh-hao ,HSIAO Tung-yi