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Franck Dimech


Director Franck Dimech, twice awarded the grand of AFAA “Villa Médicis Hors les Murs”, established Le Théâtre de Ajmer at Marseilles, France, in 1993 and has since created productions highly acclaimed in the world. After the world premiere of Jumel at the Guling Street Avant-garde Theatre in 2010, two of his controversial plays, Woyzeck and Preparadise Sorry Now, have been put on stage in Taipei and attracted attentions and positive responses from the audiences.


Jumel is one of the most interesting pieces written by French play-writer Fabrice Dupuy. In the play, the two women are like two sides of a whole and form a world of their own; they depend on each other, but they also monitor each other rigorously simultaneously.

The routine dinner every night is their most important ritual; they request each other to act in appointed characters and perform until they are both exhausted. Language is their mutual weapon and is also the evidence of their existence.