Blood & Rose Ensemble

The Experimental Theater, NTCH

Theater director Wang Chia-ming turns himself into a DJ, remixing Shakespeare's historical plays and re-interpreting the War of the Roses. How would the history be rewritten? How would the stories be disseminated? What kind of intertwining complexities exist between blood and roses as well as between violence and beauty? Following his experiments of separating bodies and voices in Richard III, Wang Chia-ming re-constructs classic texts to re-present the political issues in the complicated history as well as their rules and forces.

The Experimental Theater, NTCH
2019 Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay

Production: Shakespeare’s Wild Sisters Group, National Performing Arts Center, National Theater and Concert Hall
Playwright: William Shakespeare
Adaptation/Director: WANG Chia-ming
Performer: Fa, Angie WANG, WANG Ching-chun, HUNG Wei-yao, HUANG Pei-shu, SHIH Hsuen-huei, CHANG Yao-jen, CHAO Yi-lan, Hana TSAI, Oliver CHONG
Producer: Yukio NITTA
Set Design: KAO Hao-chieh
Costume Design: CIN Ping-ping
Light Design: TSAO An-heui
Music Consultant and Programming: Blaire KO
Composer: LIU Wei-chih
Stage Manager: LIN Tai-jung
Technical Director: LEE Po-han
Master Electrician: KUO Hsin-i
Sound Engineer: CHEN To-fu
Executive Producer/ Surtitle Operator: LU Lin