galang ima’

Pingtung Cultural Center

Hypocritical aborigines tourist parks are the collective memory of Taiwanese people, and the grotesque scenes have quietly become the public's true impression of aboriginal peoples. Galang ima’, this black comedy wittily and sincerely exposes the plight of sightseeing performances and contemporary aboriginal peoples and presents the embarrassing scene of cultural conflict.

Pingtung Cultural Center
Producer: Migo YANG
Playwright: Sayun Nomin
Director: HSU Yen-ling
Stage Design: CHANG Che-lung
Light Design: TENG Cheng-wei
Music Design: Blaire KO
Costume Design: HSIEH Chien-kuo
Graphic Design: LIN Yu-chun
Logotype Design: HO Ching-chung

Performer: Fangas Nayaw, Ihot Sinlay Cihek, Hola Taru , Sayun Nomin