Mounts Olympus in Shilin

Globe Playhouse, Taipei Performing Arts Center

Through her The Daily Fairy Romance, visual artist Ni Juihung fulfills her wish to become immortal for her and her art through a series of field researches, role-playing, reasoning and demonstrations of the Fairy Goddess and her many variations. Mts Olympus in Shilin, following in the creative footsteps of Ni, is an artistic upshot resulting from the theater group’s many field trips to Shilin and its collaboration with the newly completed Taipei Performing Arts Center (OMA). It comprises of “amateurs” of different social standings, ages, professions, and identities, and through their respective understanding and imagination of the theater, hopes to present the consensus and disagreements that occur among artists, art works, and the audience, when discussing the theater as an institute wherein art is made and consumed as a product.

If the theater was a Mts Olympus in Shilin. Every single show of it is a rendezvous of the audience (the mortals) with the Fairy Goddesses (the artists). A fleeting dream-like encounter. However, how can illusion be created by way of the labor output of the artists? This work attempts to divulge and restore the spatial meaning of the theater as a social domain, re-relating the functions of the theater and the process of art-making to the society through an array of labor behaviors that happen in the theater but are not reckoned as art.

Globe Playhouse, Taipei Performing Arts Center
TPAC Opening Season

Assistant Director: Wen Szu-Ni

Co-artists: Ni Jui-Hung

Script: Chen You-Ruei

Co-creation and performers: Wang Shih-Wei, Lin Yu-Ru, Hung Wei-Yao, Jimmy Chang, Chen Yi-en, Huang Huai-De, Su Pin-Wen

Video performer: Kurt Hsiao

Stage Design: Chang Huei-Ming

Light Design: Teng Cheng-Wei

Costume Design: Jamo Chen

Music design: Chiang Tao

Photograph: Etang Chen

Performance Documentry: Chen Kuan-Yu

Producer: Lan Hao-Chih

Executive Producer: Tseng Chung-Yi

Stage Manager: Feng Qi-Chun