Cloud Gate Theatre

HIM International Music and SWSG for the first time cross-border cooperation. Combining the five songs in singer HEBE TIAN's music work "DAY BY DAY", it extends the encounter of different characters and the interlaced plot main axis, which completely integrates the techniques of performance, music, script, stage design and multimedia real-time video. Mastered the aesthetics and taste of popular music culture, and implanted the overall artistic vision of theater performances.

Cloud Gate Theatre
2017 DADONG arts center,KAOHSIUNG
2017 National Taichung Theater
2017 The National Theater

Playwright: WANG Chia-ming
Director: Baboo LIAO
Cast: Hebe TIEN, YEN I-wen, SHIH Yi-hsiu, CHAO Yi-lan, SHIH Hsuen-huei, HUANG Chun-chieh
Producer: SHANG An-hsuan
Music Director: WANG Chih-ping
Sound Design: Blair KO
Costume Design: CHEN Shao-yan
Set Design: LI Po-lin
Light Design: TENG Cheng-wei
Video Design: Sun RAY
Choreographer: Sunny YANG
Executive Producer: YANG Che-ning, CHENG Han-wen
Stage Manager: Dino CHANG