Store House

The play profiles a serial killer from his family, background, society and universe to reexamine his role in ethics; that is, how is “the self” constructed? And how is violence bred in the self-construction process? The play has only two actors; one of them plays the serial killer, the other plays all other characters around the killer including mother, police, helper, universe captain, etc. Two projectors and eight television sets are installed on the floor to manipulate the image-created spaces and the temporal and spatial sense in real time theatre performance. For each of the various relationships between the characters on stage, the video creates different virtual time-spaces and sceneries, constructing a glamorous but brutal masquerade carnival in which the reality of “self” seems questionable.

Store House
2017 Store House Collection ,Tokyo
2016 Nine theater, Beijing
2016 Hyakkeisya, Japan
2015 National Experimental Theatre;281 theater, NKCA
2015 Experimental Theatre, Yualin Perfotmance Hall
2007 Oriental Pioneer Theater, Beijing
2002 National Experimental Theatre, Taipei

Director/Playwright:WANG Chia-ming
Producer:Yukio NITTA
Cast:WANG Jen-chien(2001),Spark Lee(2007) ,HSU Yen-ling(2001-2002), Fa(2002、2015-2017),LAI Wen-shun(2015-2017)
Stage Manager:KAO I-hua(2001),LIN Tai-jung(2015)
Set Design:HUANG Yi-ru(2001),LIN Shih-lun(2015)
Light Design:LIU Chih-wei(2001),WANG Tien-hong, LIU Po-hsin(2015)
Video Design:GUO Zhen-nan(2001),WANG Cheng-yuan (2015)
Costume Design:LEE Ta-Chi(2001),LI Yu-shen(2015)