Skin Touching

The Experimental Theater, NTCH

A delightful comedy is connected by 19 pieces from 4 main frames with animals, Butterfly Lovers, and pheromone diary. While searching for a Chinese translation of ‘Touching,” the word outing came up and is suitable to interpret topics that appear in conversation between women, just like Jazz or spontaneous dancing, it’s like topics one after another on wander and association.
The play also focuses on a delightful and joyous atmosphere in the attempt to break the preconception of the tragedy of lesbian story. Therefore, Skin Touching starts with the reenactment of Butterfly Lovers. The play wishes to discuss lover-like games, discussion on sexuality, and daily subjects on lesbians through the story of Butterfly Lovers, pheromone phenomenon, and invisible actors. The characters in the play have multiple identities and reversibility, emphasizing ‘fun’ is a crucial element in the interaction of love.

The Experimental Theater, NTCH

Director/Playwriter:HSU Yen-ling
Cast:TU Ssu-hui, WU Wei-wei, CHANG Shih-ying, CHENG Yin-chen,TSAI Yi-ling, ZHU You-lin
,CHIEN Li-ying
Producer:Yukio NITTA
Visual design:KUO Chin-yun
Light Design:HUANG Nuo-xing
Sound Design:CHEN Chien-chi
Stage Manager:TENG Hsiang-ting