Jacques Prevert

The Red Playhouse

There’s a bar that exists in between this world and the underworld, the borderline between brightness and darkness, the chaotic moment between daylight and night. The bar is the mandatory stop for every passerby. In the bar, a musical is performed by prophets, who are good and evil, and wanders in heaven and hell. They perform messages from the secular world and entertain guests who have exhausted and broken souls. Another bunch of angels, fallen to earth from the heaven, are trapped here because their desire for pleasure, have to readjust themselves to this evil world repeatedly.There, we saw a glimpse of the performance in the bar… The poem is from Jacques Prevert, the clowns are a naïve and lonely bunch and Bouffon is the devil from hell. Through the combination of these elements, they entertain the world with their sufferance in this tiny bar where they indulge and enjoy.

The Red Playhouse

Director:MA Chao-chi
Cast:WU Wei-wei, HUANG Shao-wen, WU Ting-chien, TSAO Yu, FANG Yi-ju, HSU Yin-ko
Choir:YAO Chun-yao, YANG Chen-ling, CHENG Yu-ting, HUANG Fan-chun, HUNG Chien-tsang, WANG Ching-tun
Stage / Costume Design:HUANG Mei-ching
Light Design:Belen
Music Composition:KU Hou
Music Arrangement:YANG Hsiao-en