The Dust

Quanta Hall

"Dust" is composed of six different plot fragments, performing different worlds with various roles. The playwright used a huge analogy to wrap up this imaginary world. Let the audience see themselves as a small piece of dust under the huge universe, and see the world from the perspective of small dust.

Quanta Hall
2013 桃園廣藝廳

Director/Playwright:HSU Yen-ling
Producer:HU Yu-chih
Set Design:HUANG Lian-qi
Sound Design:WANG Yu-jun
Costume design: HSIEH Tai-ju
Video design:PAUL Lu
Light Design:TENG Cheng-wei
Light advier:LAI Uno
Stage Manager:TENG Hsiang-ting
Cast:YANG Qi-yin ,TSENG Hsin-yen