What Colour is the Cloud?

Taipei City Hakka Cultural Park Theater

In the era not far and near: 2033, the family moved to an unknown place. The seasons here are only sweltering heat and cold winter, and the sky seems to be out of sight.
Either the scorching sun is direct, or the snowflakes fall from far away. The newborn has never seen the cloud, and I don’t know the color of the cloud. However, this is already the most habitable place on earth, at least in June when the snow melts, there is still water available for use and storage. In addition to facing the harsh and irreversible climate, there are also unknown ethnic groups coveting this land. This family always vigilantly guards and communicates constantly. After all, we will lose even the sky......

Taipei City Hakka Cultural Park Theater

Director: WANG Chia-ming
Playwright: WANG Chia-ming collaborated with the performers
Producer: Yukio NITTA
Set Design: LI Po-lin
Light Design: CHUANG Chih-heng
Costume Design: LI Yu-shen
Sound Design: Blaire KO
Live Band: CHANG Tang-wei(keyboard), WU Kang-chiu(guitar), CHEN Feng-chi(bass), TSAO Wei-chieh(bass), Alek Vatagin(drum)
Band Conductor: TSAI Chih-hsiang
Band Coordinator: CHENG Wan-ju
Director Assistant: LIN Pei-hsuan
Stage Manager: TENG Hsiang-ting
Make-up: Ake LU, Teddy CHENG
Photography: CHEN E-tang
Graphic Design: LI Chun-tzu
Cast: HSU Hao-hsiang, CHIU Li-shu, HUANG Pei-shu, WU Rong-chang, HUANG Wu-shan, PENG Hao-chin