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Show-On is based on the bantering and self-taunting of the bestselling author Show-On, and her odd articles centering meaningless observations of life. A joint effort between director Baboo and playwright Chien Li-Ying, a monologue tailored for the rising actress Hsieh Ying-Hsuan. Show-On is a one-person soapbox themed “the daily observation report of New Feminism”, extending from the physical body to the relationship between the body itself and everything else around it – the work place, personal relationships, romantic relationships, sexual relationships, and even national affairs; revealing the absurdity of life with the minutes of daily livelihood. See how modern women, residing in one’s body, fight a battle with oneself, with space, with society and ideology, all within that one body.

2012 Umay Theater, Huashan 1914 Creative Park
2014 The Wellspring Theater
2014 Quanta Hall

Original Script:Show-On
Playwright:CHIEN Li-ying
Cast:HSIEH Ying-xuan ,Fa
Director:Baboo LIAO
Executive Director: HSU Che-pin
Producer:Yukio NITTA
Set Design:TSANG Man-tung
Light Design:WANG Tien-hong
Costume design:LI Yu-shen
Oriainal Music:WANG Hsi-wen
Video design:CHAO Yu-chung
Video Director:TAO Wei-jyun
Stage Manager:Dino CHANG
Movement Design:LUO Sih-wei