Where is “Home”?

The Experimental Theater, NTCH

This interdisciplinary work puts hearing experience as the central focus and integrates different elements such as live music, video, installation, theatre and text. The concept of “Family” is the starting point for exploration. If family and love are always in opposition, this play tries to provide a parallel thinking and argues that in “love” the desire of “being together” with the partner can be regarded as a prototype for the emerging family structure. There is no actor performing on stage. Musicians are the only presenting actors. Surrounding the audience and around the theatre roof are 16 speakers, forming a surrounding sound space.

The Experimental Theater, NTCH

Producer:KONG Yo-ying
Director:WANG Chia-ming
Voice:Fa, JUAN Uen-ping, Martini, CHI Wei-jan, YAO Shen-chun, LIANG Hung-yu, Hung Hung, A-Chang, CHU Hung-chang, MEI Jo-ying, Po Li, KO Jen-chien, YIN Wei-ming, CHI Wei-jan, LI Chien-chang, SHU Lai, KO Jen-chien, TSAI Po-chang, LIN Wei-ko, HSU Hung-kai
Stage Manager:LEI Ju-hao
Stage Design:HUANG Yi-ju
Light Design:LIU Bo-hsin
Music Design:PENG Ching, DJ Fish, HUANG Yi-chin
Music Engineer:WANG Ting-chia
Live Music:78 bpm(Live Band), TAN Cheng(Violin)