Whatever Sitting

a8 Underground Shelter Arts Café

Life is not all of balance or emptiness; it is a fantastical space of different qualities and materials like oppressive, gloomy, refreshing, passionate, sluggish, and smooth spaces. These spaces are either outer spaces (like seasons or metropolis) or inner spaces (emotions).
The performance is connected by many continuous pieces; the relationship between the one chair and two tables and two actors, are like different feng-shui of different forces in a magnetic field. The actors, as two completely separated individuals on stage, show the emotional patterns under the influence of inner and outer spaces. The chairs can be interpreted as the symbol of seat, position, power, lust, or ice cream in their shifting combinations. The idea of “comfort” becomes a negligent hope.

a8 Underground Shelter Arts Café

Director:WANG Chia-ming
Cast:Fa, WANG Jen-chien

Producer:LEE Lin
Executive Producer:AN Yuan-liang, YU Ming-chu