Big Band Species

The National Theater, NTCH
God's Algorithm
The unpredictable fate of mankind

Darwin vs. WANG Chia-ming
Prophesy together

Using Darwin’s On the Origin of Species as guiding coordinates, Director WANG Chia-ming expands on the ethnic character of contemporary ecological studies, beginning with the family histories of the actors themselves, while exploring the cultural aspects of ethnic migrations, he weaves together a portentous work of human destiny: from whence have those of us located on the same island come, and where will we go? We may not share a common past, but will we share a common future?

The performance is a continuation of WANG Chia-ming’s signature complex audio-visual elements that deconstruct, amalgamate, adapt, and apply narrative textures. The rock band Elephant Gym has been invited to provide a rich theatrical format of unseen sound with their live math rock performances.

The National Theater, NTCH
2020 The National Theater, NTCH

Original Text: Charles Robert Darwin
Director: WANG Chia-ming
Producer: Yukio NITTA
Live Band/Original Songs and Musical Design: Elephant Gym
Set Design: LI Po-lin
Lighting Design: LIU Po-hsin
Costume Design: WU Daw-chyi
Multimedia Design: HSU Yi-Chun
Choreography Design: LIN Su-lien
Musical and Sound Design: Blaire KO
Cast: WANG Hong-yuan、LI Ming-zhe、LI Pan-yu、CHIU Li-shu、TSUI Tai-hao、TSUI Kuo-fu、CHANG Nien-tzu、MO Tzu-yi、Nicole HSU、CHEN Tien-ai、CHEN Shu-yun、HUEN Sze-man