Ebola︱A Pure Rational Critique of the Ethics of Virus

Ping Fong Theatre, Taipei

In a conference, three characters and one servant are waiting for the arrival of a mysterious person. During their long waiting, a series of tragic news arrive one after another. Under the threat of possibly being killed, they start to recollect events that happened 3 years ago, going through details in order to find out the killer. The piece is full of word plays, long philosophical sentences, and nonsensical languages, fast cross-cutting between soap-opera plots︱police and gangsters gun fighting, the classical Chinese love story of Liang-Zu, and a butter-throwing game. Through analytical reasoning and frequent shift to subplots, the playwright attempt to explore the true meaning of “happiness.”

Ping Fong Theatre, Taipei

Producer: Fa
Script: WU Chi-jen
Director: WANG Chia-ming
Co-director: TAI Chun-fang
Cast: JUAN Uen-ping, Fa, YU Ming-chu, LI Ling, WU Peng-feng
Stage Visual Design: HSIA Shao-yu
Light Design: TAI Chun-fang
Music Composition: CHEN En-kung
Sound Design: WANG Chia-ming
Styling/Costume Design: HUANG Shan-jen