Once, upon Hearing the Skin Tone

Eslite book store, Xinyi Taipei

This is a detective story with 12 characters. Its complex story line is full of love, mysterious murder, and imaginary realities. Rather than developing the suspension, the story presents scenes of seemingly ordinary life and the hidden connections among characters slowly reveal, like a complicated map showing endless loops of psychology, relationship, and desire among the 12 actors. In the end, those who kill and their accomplices are not punished by law. Life goes back to normal for them. Another cycle of life continues, so do more new romantic relationships and murders in this imaginary life full of violence. Through the use of symbols such as thin skins and retina, and through the alternating scenes of imaginary scenarios and realities, the play shapes this detective story as a philosophical parable.

Eslite book store, Xinyi Taipei
2012 SCCP Warehouse No. 1
2013 HKCC Studio Theatre

Producer:SHIH Pei-Yu
Director:WANG Chia-ming
Music Director:CHEN Chien-chi
Music Consultant:CHEN Chi-Chen
Stage Design:HUANG Yi-ju
Costume Design:LAI Hsuan-wu
Light Design:WANG Tien-hung
Video Design:HSU Yun-Ting
Cast:Fa, WANG Yu-Ping, LIN Chun-yi, CHOU Ming-yu, MO Tzu-yi, SHIH Ming-shuai, Winnie CHANG, CHANG Nien-Tzu, CHEN Hsueh-Chen, TSAI Ya-ting, TSAI Shao-Huan, LAN Pei-chih