Corona Villa

Taipei Fine Arts Museum

This work is an “Anti-Epidemic Hotel” placed in the art museum, a composite resort combining the images of an inn, a cruise ship, a shelter, a sanctuary, and a nursing home. In this resort, multiple contradictory images–freedom and confinement, holiday making and centralized control, trajectories of motion and surveillance mechanisms–intervene in visitors’ actions, both autonomous and non-autonomous, leading us to ponder new relationships and a new order in which people coexist with others, objects and the world.
 In every room there is a live-stream of an artist, offering services to the guest room via remote video. Services vary according to the artist’s specialization–“Virtual Lover,” “Singalong,” “Collective Sketching,” “Contact Treatment,” and “Valet Shopping.”
Through the material sensations of hearing, touch, smell and even taste, the isolated guests and the artists located in outdoor spaces link spaces and themes to create “on-site” and “off-site” sensorial experiences, while also resonating with the behaviors of art therapy.

Taipei Fine Arts Museum

Concept & Direction: Baboo LIAO
Space Design: CHANG Hui-Ming
Video Design: Ray SUN
Interactive Design: HUNG Wei-Yao
Script Writer: HU Chin-yan
Sound Design: Blaire KO
Typography: Aaron NIEH
Site Execution: LIU Yen-cheng
Online artists: Betty Apple, LIN Su-lien, SU Pin-wen, CHANG Chien-hao, HUNG Pei-yu, HSIAO Tung-yi, HSIUNG Yun-pei, TSENG Chih-wei
Voice actors: Fa, WANG Shih-chun, WANG Hung-yuan, LI Ming-che, LIU Ting-fang, YANG Yi-lin