The Tracks on the Beach

Gu-ling Street Avant-garde Theatre

The Tracks on the Beach is the first performance in the spring quarter in the 15th year of SWSG’s foundation. It is a piece by French writer Marguerite Duras, Le Ravissement de Lol. V. Stein, interpreted its first phase by director Hsu Yen-Ling. Lol. V. Stein, the women in the novel who always reflects the prototype of Duras' works at a certain level; “emptiness” is the free state of artistic conception, and also the repeated collapse of emotions. Lust, lens, sense, ' I ', time, logic, imagination, writing, behavior, memory, and death…all reoccur in between meticulous or reckless sentiment and feeling, why it is so fascinating? The director intends to create a new sensation through parallel tracks︱overly simplified and intricate movements in the theater. The first wave of Le Ravissement de Lol. V. Stein Project will start with"love-possessed Jacques Hold'', "slumbering Lol. From S. Tahla", and the music designer Wang Yu-Jun with her live band. Later, the second wave of the Lol. Project will extend into three drama texts and more individual theatrical elements.

Gu-ling Street Avant-garde Theatre

Producer: CHUANG Wan-Ping
Executive producer: HSU Ya-Ting, CHANG Wan-Ting
Director and performer: HSU Yen-Ling
Playwriter: CHIANG Fu-Chin, HUANG Shu-Chin
Music director: WANG Yu-Chun
Lighting: LAI Yu-Nung
Costume design: HSIEH Chieh-Jen
Image: LIN Ching-Yao
Graphic design: NIEH Yung-Chen
Cast: WEI Chin-Ju, SHIH Ming-Shuai
Stage director: TENG Hsiang-Ting