Hsu Yen-Ling × Sylvia Plath

The Performing Arts Center, TNUA

The play is based on Plath's poem "Fever 103" written in 1962, the work from her mature stage. It and some other poems came afterwards are dislocated and concise in the linguistic expressions, unconnected in their images, filled with pain and the hallucinations and séance point of views raised by the pains. She had very thorough observation and depiction about the essence of existence. It is why we take the "fever" as the play's image. No matter it is about the outer (the yearning for the fame, success, and the perfection of the secular life, and the serious yet stubborn point of views to the poetry), or the inner (the bipolar disorder including the melancholia vs. manic, the shadow of death which never disappeared in her life, the contradictory viewpoints about love and sex, and the self-request for the perfection about her works.) Indeed she let herself stay in high-spirited state for a long time, it was revealed from her poems written before her tragic death, which were filled with the ecstasy of joy. They are like the last beam lit by her last breath, hidden inside is the piercing coldness. These types of bipolarity, such as the ambivalence of coldness and heat, in contrast to Plath's melancholia and manic, life and death, indulging and lucidness, and others, are the proof of her existence. At the same time, three subjects, love, death, and writing are adopted to coordinate this carnival of the debate, lyricism, poetry, or aphasia.

7th Taishi Arts Awards-Performing Arts Yearly Top 10

The Performing Arts Center, TNUA
2009 Crown Arts Center
2009 heatre La Condition des Soies
2011 Espace Louis Jouvet
2011 Theatre de la Madeleine
2011 Nouveau Relax de Chaumont
2012 Theatre Garonne de Toulouse

Playwright:CHOU Man-nung
Director:Baboo LIAO
Cast:HSU Yen-ling, ZHANG Hsiao-hsiung, SHIH Ming-shuai
Stage Manager:WU Wei-wei
Stage Design:LIANG Ruo-shan
Lighting Design:HUANG No-hsing
Costume Design:HSIEH Chieh-jen
Music Design:CHEN Chien-chi
Movement Design:CHOU Shu-yi
Multi-media Design:CHOU Tung-yen
Graphic& art design:Aaron NIEH